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I can do it all by myself

As I mentioned in my previous post, planning your Wedding is stressful. Many brides think they can do this all by themselves. Without support, it is lonely and not much fun. It is great to have family and friends there to help. The biggest problem is conflict. Your Mother wants a certain veil, your bridesmaids want certain colours, and your Mother-in-Law wants a certain venue. As your Wedding Planner, I will make sure your voice is heard above everyone else’s. It is YOUR day! This is YOUR Wedding!


​There are also lots of choices out there. It is overwhelming to search and narrow down the best center piece, table cloth, napkins, etc. I will guide you through the plethora of choices to make sure you get what you want.

The other thing to remember is that on YOUR Wedding Day, YOU are the star. Who is going to take care of the myriad of decisions while you are in the starring role? My job is to take care of all these little issues and make sure you don't have to deal with them.

At one wedding, some sugar flowers on the cake fell off. I placed them back on and nobody was the wiser. At another wedding, the bride forgot to have the decorator put the chair cover and intricate tie back on. I spent Hours (with help from people I conscripted) to make sure these were done to perfection. The bride and family never knew there was an issue. Now imagine that I was not there to handle those issues. The brides would be understandably upset and their day would be shaken.

So while you can do it alone, why would you. I can help you make a good day GREAT!

What are some of your wedding horror stories?

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