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Why hire a Wedding Planner

On my homepage, I list reasons as to why you should hire a Wedding Planner. The main reason, I cannot stress enough, is that you need a stress-free day. Planning a wedding is stressful enough. You have to book a venue, get a dress, book photographers (and caterers and decorators and other vendors), make seating charts, get guest favours, and the list goes on. On top of that, you and your spouse need to work to pay for these things. That leads into budget. That leads to more stress.

The last thing you need to do on your wedding day is stress. As a Wedding Planner, I help the Bride and Groom make a budget (and try to stick to it), as well as be the "tough" when it comes to their wants and needs. There will be lots of people vying for your attention; Mothers and Mother-in-laws, vendors, bridesmaids, officiants. No Bride wants to be a Bridezilla! As your Wedding planner, I can be the one who says NO to people. I am on your side.

In future posts, I will be giving more insight as to what I do and how I can help you. Please feel free to comment and ask questions and they may be used to for future blog posts.


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