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Gallery & Testimonials

These are some of the events I have co-ordinated.
Alyssa's Baby Shower

Thank you so much for all your hard work in decorating for our baby shower. It looks so beautiful and classy! We are so blessed by your thoughtfulness and generosity.


Alyssa Smith


Photographs courtesy A Love Story Wedding & Event Planning

Jocelyn & Steve's

When Kim first approached me and Steve, it was shortly after our engagement. I took her card and thanked her, but, like most brides, I thought I could do it all on my own. 

It was January, and Steven and I had decided we wanted to do the wedding in my parents’ yard. We were struggling though where to go for things like a tent, tables, chairs, etc. That’s when Kim came in and literally saved our wedding! We had our first coffee meeting and she gave us amazing advice. It was then I knew I needed her to help our special day happen!


She was incredible! She thought of everything, and made our dreams come true! She was always there any moment I needed her (including my meltdowns). Every week we would meet up and she would give us a couple of things for “homework” to break down the process. She made something that was so stressful as stress free as possible! She even helped plan my bridal shower!


She did everything from helping to make schedules, to helping us pick out our look and theme, to even decorate both my parents’ yard and the hall. She made everything look so beautiful! We had this fire mantle in the hall that we had our reception at, and Kim looked at it and asked us if she could decorate it and make it a surprise. It was so sweet, personal, and beautiful of her to do that and she did amazing! I had a hard time picturing everything at the hall and how it would look good, and she made it look better then anything I could even think of!


The day of the wedding she bent over backwards for me, Steve, our families and the bridal party! She even has an emergency bag (more like bags) filled with literally anything you could possibly think of for a wedding. She’s like the Mary Poppins of weddings. During all the excitement on our wedding day, I forgot to put on my garter. She had one in her bag that I got to use and toss into the crowd! 


Kim, Thank you so much for all you did leading up to our wedding, the day of, and even after. All the things that I didn’t mention, but I will never forget! I will recommend you to anyone I know whose getting married. We love you and appreciate you! 

Jocelyn Michael-Gagne


Photographs courtesy Prairie Oak Photography

Jocelyn's Bridal Shower

I definitely suggest you seriously consider Kim Stephens as a wedding planner. She is worth every penny and more. I must be upfront as we know Kim personally and she approached our daughter and her as she noticed their struggle to plan their wedding. It is because of Kim’s integrity, wisdom, knowledge and sincerity that our daughter and her husband hired Kim as their wedding planner. I am so glad they did. The feedback from everyone at the wedding was nothing but positive and filled with wonderful memories…all within budget.

I will share specifically about the bridal shower. As much as I would like to have planned the bridal shower for our daughter, my husband, our daughter’s father, had a sudden major health event prior to the scheduled date. There was no way I could take on the bridal shower, so Kim offered her services and help.

My role was the invitations and the invitation list. That was the easier part. Kim provided

feedback on the invitations. She coordinated a meeting with her, myself and the bride’s side of the wedding party and put a plan of action together. She understood our daughter and her husband’s wedding theme and integrated that theme into the wedding shower on a small budget.

Kim put the plan into action. She communicated and delegated tasks to the willing wedding party (guys helped with setup and take down). She purchased decorations, did the layout of the seating plan, provided guidance for the meal plan, put together the agenda and answered the many questions regarding protocol etc. with patience and grace.

We also were very thankful she was our daughter and her husband’s wedding planner. She knew which venue would work within their budget and theme, she understood family dynamics as they were communicated to her, she was able to work with the different personalities and keep everyone on task and focused on the common goal and much more.

It would be my suggestion that you seriously consider Kim Stephens as your or your family’s wedding planner. Contact and meet with her and make your own decision. But our family is so thankful for Kim.

Thank you Kim! 


Judy Silva


Photographs courtesy A Love Story Wedding & Event Planning

Ann & Alex's Wedding

Kim Stephen was truly my Fairy Godmother. I did not have to worry about anything on my Wedding Day. Not having any stress and being able to fully enjoy my day is priceless and Kim was more than worth the cost of a Wedding Planner. I was amazed at how much she did being only one person (and her amazing assistant). Hire Kim and you will NOT be dissapointed.


Ann Bugeac


Photographs courtesy of Friends and Family

Anthony's Graduation

Kim gave me a great party with my friends and family. We had a great time and she took care of everything. 


Anthony Schick


Photographs courtesy of Prairie Oak Photography

Elizabeth & Aaron's
Having Kim as my wedding planner was a God send! Throughout the whole engagement up until the wedding day she helped me stay calm and organized. Kim definitely made the whole experience a lot more enjoyable, I probably would have gone crazy if I had to do the planning all on my own. On the day of, I was able to relax and have a great time with my friends and family because I knew she had everything under control!


Elizabeth Geddert


Photographs courtesy of Patty Boge at Off The Page Photography

June & Vic's 50th Wedding Anniversary

Kim did a wonderful job with our 50th Wedding Anniversary. We wanted something simple and she was able to take "simple" and make it more elegant.


June Rupps


Photographs courtesy of Kiel Bobrowski at Kiel Photography Design and Video

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